Ordering BMW Keys


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In today's business climate theft and fraud come from many sources;
Identity, credit cards, checks, personal property and vehicles can all be at risk. We need your help to protect you and your assets. Below are the minimum requirement's to order Coded Keys and Locks from BMW North America and Motorwerks BMW.

For your personal vehicle to order a coded Key or Lock we need the following.

  1. You must be the Legal owner of the Vehicle.
  2. You must have Current/Valid United States Drivers License.
  3. You must have current Registration with Name matching on the drivers License.
  4. Must be Pre-paid at the time of order. Keys are produced in New Jersey and average delivery time on Fed-Ex is 2 to 3 days.
  5. Above stated documents/copies of documents must be in our possession prior to the order of the key.

For Business such as Used Vehicle Centers, Auction, Leasing Firm or Repossession firm we need the following.

  1. You must have Current/Valid United States Drivers License. (Person from Business requesting Key or Lock.
  2. Copy of title signed and notarized or
  3. Restricted Power of Attorney or
  4. Copy of Vehicle Installment Contract Security Agreement, Note and Disclosure Statement or
  5. A signed Bill of Sale that clearly shows the complete 17 – digit vehicle identification number (VIN) has the seller and buyer name, signatures and date.

Key Pricing, due to the staggering amount different keys and Vehicle Models we would need to quote an exact price from your VIN.

Keys for vehicles with "comfort access" option/feature will require dealer programming which equates for approximately ½ of one to 1 hour of labor to be billed.

Please call Motorwerks BMW parts at 1-888-866-4255 to speak to a retail parts counter-person who can assist you.


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