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Incredible performance, style, and, of course, value.

A Certified Pre-Owned BMW is one of the smartest purchases you can make. It's backed by an up to 6-year/100,000 mile protection plan and has been thoroughly inspected by a BMW-trained technician. And most importantly, it has the performance, innovation and engineering that make BMW the Ultimate Driving Machine®.

Why should you buy a Certified Pre-Owned BMW?

Certification Process: In order for a BMW to become Certified Pre-Owned, it goes through a comprehensive certification process that includes rigorous criteria and meticulously performed procedures. And to even be eligible, it must be a late-year model with no more than 60,000 miles on the odometer.
Warranty: BMW has always had one of the most comprehensive new vehicle warranties in its class. And Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are no different. Every Certified Pre-Owned BMW has coverage for up to 6 years or 100,000 miles.
BMW Roadside Assistance: Every Certified Pre-Owned BMW comes with BMW Roadside Assistance, a service that provides you with outstanding travel protection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It includes towing, lock-out services and much more.
Finance and Special Offers: BMW Financial Services provides you with attractive financing options. And right now, there are several offers on many BMW models (ie: 0.99% APR). Please call 888-866-4255 to go over the details on the specific model you are interested in.




BMWs are carefully crafted to exceed the expectations of its first owner, and every one thereafter.

The Certified Pre-Owned title is awarded only to those BMWs that meet our demanding standards and pass a meticulous certification process. Owners of certified BMWs receive comprehensive BMW Roadside Assistance and extensive protection benefits with our Certified Pre-Owned BMW Limited Warranty.

Owning a Certified Pre-Owned BMW is its own reward, a driving sensation made even more pleasurable considering BMW's demanding standards and extensive protection benefits. The Certified Pre-Owned title is awarded only to those BMWs which pass meticulous inspection. Once certified, they enjoy comprehensive roadside assistance and protection plans.

Every Certified Pre-Owned BMW is backed by a special BMW Protection Plan which provides coverage on the car for up to two years or 50,000 miles (whichever comes first) from the date of expiration of the 4-year/50,000 mile BMW New Vehicle Limited Warranty.

What qualifies a BMW to become a Certified Pre-Owned BMW?

Only the best pre-owned BMWs qualify for the Certified Pre-Owned BMW Vehicle Program. To be eligible for enrollment in the Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Program, a late-model vehicle must be in service for at least six months or have more than 6,000 miles but less than 60,000 miles on the odometer. They must pass an extensive examination — a thorough and rigorous inspection by BMW factory-trained technicians. They inspect the vehicle for safety, performance and wear. If something is not right, it is fixed. If it cannot be fixed, the car cannot become a Certified Pre-Owned BMW.

In short, we're picky. But when you see everything covered under our Protection Plan, you'll understand why.

Ask to see the Certified Pre-Owned Inspection Checklist. It is your assurance of the quality, reliability and overall pleasure BMW owners have come to expect.



The Certified Pre-Owned BMW Warranty protects you against defects in materials or workmanship for a wide range of vehicle components. The Warranty is administered by BMW of North America, LLC, ensuring that covered repairs are performed by BMW-trained technicians using only genuine BMW replacement parts. And, since this is a BMW-backed program, you won't have to wait for a third-party adjuster to decide whether your repair is covered, Your BMW center can make the determination right on the spot.

Although the Certified Pre-Owned BMW Limited Warranty is extremely comprehensive, it is not an extension of the original 4-year/50,000 mile New BMW Vehicle Limited Warranty. The Certified Pre-Owned BMW Limited Warranty takes over when the BMW New Vehicle Limited Warranty expires, and the coverage it provides is somewhat different from the new car warranty.



In general: The Certified Pre-Owned BMW Limited Warranty is designed to protect owners from defects in materials and workmanship on covered parts and components. The broad coverage includes the parts and systems listed below except where specifically noted in the "Not Covered" section of The Certified Pre-Owned BMW Protection Plan Consumer Information Statement:


Handling Charge
There is a $50.00 handling charge (per repair visit) that must be paid by the customer for any repairs covered under the terms of the Certified Pre-Owned BMW Limited Warranty.

The Certified Pre-Owned BMW Protection Plan is fully transferable from the original Certified Pre-Owned BMW purchaser or lessee to subsequent owner(s) or lessee(s).

Repair Services
While you may elect to use a non-approved repair facility for maintenance or repairs, BMW is not obligated to pay for any such repairs (even if covered under the Certified Pre-Owned BMW Limited Warranty). To obtain service under the Certified Pre-Owned BMW Limited Warranty, the vehicle must be delivered to an authorized BMW center. Moreover, the Certified Pre-Owned BMW Limited Warranty does not cover additional expenses related to a breakdown such as, but not limited to, car rental, lodging expenses, loss of pay or telephone charges, except as covered by BMW Roadside Assistance.
Care for the BMW Driver.

BMW is dedicated to providing you with the most enjoyable and rewarding ownership experience possible, and that is why we have developed a program that provides you with outstanding travel protection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The BMW Roadside Assistance Program is designed to ensure your peace of mind while on the road. It is available in all 50 states plus Canada and Puerto Rico, at no additional cost to you.*

Even if someone else is driving your BMW, you’re covered. To receive covered assistance in the event of a breakdown, you must simply contact BMW Roadside Assistance directly.

Coverage: New BMWs – 4 years/unlimited miles from the original in-service date. Certified Pre-Owned BMWs – 6 years/unlimited miles from the original in-service date.

Full details on BMW Roadside Assistance are provided in the Service and Warranty Booklet, which all purchasers of new BMW automobiles receive from BMW of North America, LLC after taking delivery. Owners of Certified Pre-Owned BMWs can find full details about BMW Roadside Assistance in their Consumer Information Statement, which was provided by their BMW center at the time of delivery.

The toll-free Roadside Assistance number is: 800-332-4BMW (800-332-4269)


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Automatic/Manual Transmission
Final Drive Assembly, Propeller Shaft(s)
Front Suspension
Rear Suspension
ABS Brake System
Air Conditioning/Heating System
Cooling System
Fuel System



The BMW Certified Pre-Owned Protection Plan and the BMW Certified Elite Protection Plan provide specific coverage against defects in materials and workmanship. There are various items that are not covered by these warranties for enrolled vehicles retailed on or after January 1, 2014.


Vehicle Maintenance
Brake pads and rotors (discs), brake shoes and drums; filters; fluid replacement of a component by itself; scheduled maintenance services; spark plugs; wiper blade inserts, blade assemblies/beams.
Adjustments; batteries (as a stand-alone repair); driveshaft flex disc (guibo coupling); engine drive belts; exhaust systems (including the gasoline engine catalytic converters, and the diesel engine “SCR” catalytic converter and particulate filter); flywheel, ring gear and clutch disc contact area; fuses; manual and “SMG” transmission clutch assemblies; oils, lubricants, fluids, refrigerants and coolant (except as required in the course of performing a covered repair); rubber engine and heater coolant hoses, vacuum hoses (including clamps and connectors); tires; tire balancing and rotation; wheel alignment.
Ball joints; bushings; center tie rod; coil springs – sagging (except for leveling system pneumatic/hydraulic springs); control arms and brackets; idler and pitman arms; stabilizer bar links and supports; strut elements/shock absorbers (dampers); tie rod ends and adjusting sleeves; trailing arms, thrust struts; wishbones.
Air leaks; body carriers, cross members, supports, braces and mounts; body panels, body shell, walls, partitions and chassis sheet metal; body noises, squeaks and rattles; body seals and gaskets; bulbs - incandescent, Xenon and LEDs; convertible top (except for electrical/electronic components); damage due to rust, corrosion or contamination; door brakes and checks; door handles and carriers (except for electrical/electronic components); exterior moulding, trim and fasteners; gas pressurized springs/struts; glass - side, sliding roof, rear and mirrors (except for electrical/electronic components); latch and lock mechanisms and their related components (except for electrical/electronic components); paint finish; water leaks; wheels and valve stems (except for electrical/electronic components); windscreen (including the sliding roof); windshield (except for the front rain sensor); wind noises.
Bulbs – incandescent and LEDs (except for the instrument cluster); carpeting; floor and trunk mats; headliner/sliding roof liner panel; interior noises, squeaks and rattles; interior dashboards, consoles, panels, covers, vents, grills, trims and fasteners (except cup holders); seatbelt extender arm assembly (except for electrical/electronic components); sunblinds (except for electrical/electronic components); sun visors (except for electrical/electronic components); upholstery (except for seat heating elements and seat occupancy sensor mat).
Accessories (Standard and Optional)
All non-original equipment parts, components and accessories.


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