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BMW Tire Pressure Guidelines Explained

Man Filling Tire

Taking care of your BMW tire pressure will keep your St Paul vehicle on the road for longer and help to maximize the value of your tires. BMW tires are built to keep your car running smoothly, but you’ll need to keep them at around 32 PSI in order to enjoy them at their best. If you’re wondering how to check your tire pressure to maintain your tires, or you’ve been experiencing strange fluctuations in your tire air pressure, the Motorwerks BMW service team is here to help. If you decide that you need new tires or a new tire pressure gauge, we also have parts specialists who can help you find exactly what you’re searching for!


Why Check Your BMW Tire Pressure?

If you’re wondering why your BMW tires need to be properly inflated at all times, we’ve got a few great reasons for you right here:

  1. Keeping your tire pressure right lowers the risk of flat tires and blowouts in Minneapolis.
  2. You’ll have longer life on your BMW tires because of less wheel spin and friction.
  3. You can get more than a three percent boost in your fuel economy according to Department of Energy estimates.

If we’ve piqued your interest, find out what else you can do at home to ensure that you always get the best from your BMW.

How To Check Tire Pressure

The tire air pressure in your car is being monitored by your BMW at all times. That’s true in most new vehicles, which often include an electronic Tire Pressure Monitoring System as standard. If it gets too low, you’ll know because a light will appear on your dashboard.  Doing things the old fashioned way? Here’s how you check your tire air pressure by hand:

  1. Unscrew and remove the valve stem cap and put it somewhere safe.
  2. Place the tire pressure gauge on the valve stem and press down firmly.
  3. Your tire pressure gauge will display the PSI. It should be around 32 PSI if it’s properly inflated.
  4. Take the tire pressure gauge off the valve stem.
  5. Is your tire over what’s recommended? Press the center plunger down on the valve stem to release some air.
  6. If you don’t have enough PSI, you will have to add air to get it to 32. Lots of gas stations in Richfield will have a tire fill up station where you can fill up your tires at no cost to you, but you can also use a bike pump to add a small amount of air in a pinch.
  7. Put the valve stem cap back on.

If you need something like a BMW spare tire, you can contact our parts department and we’ll help you find the right tires and spare parts for your BMW–direct from the OEM every time.

Motorwerks BMW Are Your Certified OEM Parts People

You will have an easy time of getting BMW tires when you step into Motorwerks BMW. We’ve got a great parts team as well as qualified service professionals who can help you find what you need with no fuss. Contact us or schedule service, and we’ll get you set up today.

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