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Professional Transmission Service

Transmission Service Savings In Bloomington, MN

Throughout a vehicle’s lifetime, the mechanical component that wears down the most is the transmission. The gearbox is simple to overlook because it is made to function so smoothly that it frequently goes unnoticed. But it will let you know it needs attention when it starts to have trouble.

Some people put off having a transmission service because they think it’s expensive. The opposite is true, especially if you bring your vehicle to Motorwerks BMW. Not only do we offer affordable transmission service in Bloomington, MN, but we also have auto service coupons. Call or send us a message to schedule a service.

When Do You Need a Transmission Service?

It’s time to bring your car in for transmission service if any of these signs appear.

Your Transmission Is Unresponsive

When you need to shift gears, your transmission should always shift smoothly. When your transmission hesitates or if you don’t get any response at all, it’s clear that you’re having a transmission problem. If this occurs, you can experience a minor delay when putting the car in park if the transmission is automatic. The first sign of a problem with a manual transmission may be a discrepancy between the vehicle’s real speed and the engine’s RPM.

You Hear Strange Sounds

You should be familiar with the sounds your car makes. It is time to bring your car to an automotive service center if you start hearing strange new sounds. If you hear a clunking, buzzing, or whining sound, the most typical cause of these noises is a transmission problem. You should never disregard any strange noise because the underlying issue will only worsen if you do.

You See Fluid Leaks

One of the few symptoms that any motorist can recognize is the presence of fluid leaks. A puddle may appear under your car if your transmission fluid leaks, potentially ruining your driveway or garage. If there is fluid, determine if it is crimson and smells sweet or brown and smells burnt. In either case, the transmission fluid needs to be replaced by a specialist.

You Feel Shimmying or Shaking

Your transmission may not work as well as it should if it is grinding, shaking, or shimmying. These vibrations may occur constantly or only when you’re changing gears. If your car isn’t running smoothly, don’t just blame it on aging. Instead, have it repaired because waiting will probably cause more harm.

You Smell a Burning Odor

Fluid leaks are never pleasant, but occasionally they stop before reaching your driveway or garage floor. Your transmission fluid will frequently start to overheat and burn when there is clutch dirt or a breakdown of any metal components, producing a very noticeable burnt rubber smell. The contaminated fluid must be changed or flushed out to prevent mechanical corrosion.

Nobody wants to deal with transmission problems. But you’ll be able to prevent bigger problems and save money by being able to spot the signs of danger early on. You should give Motorwerks BMW a call if you want us to inspect your transmission.

Schedule Transmission Service at Motorwerks BMW

Motorwerks BMW offers affordable transmission service in Bloomington, MN. Don’t hesitate to call us if you think you have a transmission problem. Don’t forget to check out our auto service coupons if you want to save money.


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