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What is the Difference Between Synthetic Oil vs. Regular Oil?

Pouring Oil into Funnel into Engine


If you’re in need of an oil change near St Paul, and you’re unsure of what the differences are when it comes to synthetic oil vs. regular oil or full synthetic oil vs. a synthetic blend, read on for a thorough breakdown. Once you have a better idea which oil you’d prefer to use in your car, reach out to Motorwerks BMW to book an appointment for an oil change in Bloomington. Don’t forget to check out our oil change coupons

What is Conventional Oil?

When it comes to differences between synthetic oil vs. regular oil, regular oil is petroleum based. It’s distilled from crude oil. It’s more than capable of keeping your engine’s moving parts well-lubricated as you drive down the streets of Minneapolis. That said, it is not as refined as synthetic oil, and though more affordable, it needs to be replaced more often. 

What is Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic oil is also petroleum based, but when you compare synthetic oil vs. conventional oil, you’ll find that synthetic oils offer even more lubrication. It also oxidizes less easily, which means it’s better at retaining its protective properties and lasts longer. Unlike regular oil, synthetic oil is chemically developed from petrochemicals in a process that pinpoints, extracts, and synthesizes the best elements of petroleum to provide you with a superior oil at a higher price. 

  • Is less viscous at high temperatures 
  • Better protects your turbocharger parts from wear and tear 
  • Better at cleaning your engine 

How Do Full Synthetic vs. Synthetic Blends Differ?

If you opt for synthetic oil, it’s worthwhile to compare full synthetic oil vs. synthetic blends. Full synthetic oils are entirely chemically synthesized and offer the highest quality. They’re more expensive, however. The middle path between full-synthetic and conventional oil is a synthetic blend, which mixes both synthetic oil and conventional oil to offer you the quality of the former and the affordability of the latter.

Schedule for an Oil Change Near Richfield

Now that you know about the differences between regular oil vs. synthetic oil and full synthetic oil vs. a synthetic blend, call Motorwerks BMW at (952) 213-5577. We’ll arrange for a swift, affordable oil change and answer any further questions you may about the differences between synthetic vs. conventional oil. While you’re here, take a moment to explore our BMW service tips and tricks for other helpful reads about car care, including an overview of the annual BMW car maintenance schedule and more!

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